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About Us

Huazhong Agricultural University,the College of Engineering was formerly the Department of Agricultural Mechanization established in 1958. It was renamed as the Department of Agricultural Engineering in 1985, and as the College of Engineering and Technology later in 1998. In 2010,the college took on its current name, theCollege of Engineering.

The college now comprises 3 faculties, namely Agricultural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering. It boastsprovincial and ministerial-level research platforms, including Key Laboratory of Agricultural Equipment in the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yangtze Riverof the Ministry of Agriculture, Rapeseed Whole-Process Mechanized Scientific Research Base of the Ministry of Agriculture, Citrus Whole-Process Mechanized Scientific Research Base of the Ministry of Agriculture, andHubei Engineering Laboratory of Advantageous Crop Mechanized Production Technology and Equipment, Hubei Modern Agricultural Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center. Also, it has an engineering experimental teaching center, an electromechanical engineering training center and 5 research laboratories related to agricultural mechanization engineering and equipment, agricultural biological environment and energy engineering, agricultural product processing technology and equipment, agricultural equipment testing and automation, mechanical design and theory respectively. Besides, it’s home to Rural Energy Technology Training Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in Central China, the Ministry of Labor's Special Job Occupation Skill Appraisal Station, China Feed Industry Association of Huazhong Agricultural University Training Center and other characteristic institutions.

The college has a total of 134 faculty and staff members, of whom 105 are full-time faculty members, 14 areexperimentaltechnicalpersonnel and 15 are administrative members. Among these full-time academic staff members, 20 boast full professionalship and 54 associate professionalship. And 103 staff members are doctoral or master’s degree holders, accounting for 98% of the total. Besides, there are 3 scientists of the modern agricultural industry technology system, one expert of Hubei Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Alliance, and 3 teachers enjoying special government allowances of the State Council. Now thefaculty and staff membershasformed a high-qualify team mainly compromising teachers of all ages and involving teaching, management and service.

Currently, the College of Engineering recruits full-time undergraduates in Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation,Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Agricultural Mechanization and Automation,Automation, Energy and Power Engineering, Robot Engineering. Among these 6 undergraduate programs, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Agricultural Mechanization and Automation have been selected as first-class discipline development sitesatnational level, and Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation, Automation, Energy and Power Engineering at provincial level. Today there are 1864 full-time undergraduates and 561 postgraduates (including international students) in the college. It now has one Mobile Post-doctoral Research Station on Agricultural Engineering, and offers one Category Ⅰ discipline PhD programme (Agricultural Engineering), two Category Ⅰ discipline MA programmes (Agricultural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering) and five Category Ⅱ discipline MA programmes (Agricultural Mechanization,Agricultural Bio-environment and Energy Engineering,Agricultural Electrification and Automation,Modern Agricultural Equipment Engineering, Bioinformatics Technology and Engineering). Among 80-odd supervisors, 20 are doctoral supervisors. In the recent decade, our full-time undergraduate once-employment has exceeded 95% each year, while the employment rate of postgraduates has always kept beyond 96%.

Since the 13thFive-Year Plan, the college has undertaken over 300 scientific research projects with more than 80 million RMB including National Key R&D Programs of China, Natural Science Foundation Projects, Agri-Industrial Systems Scientist Programs. Ithas obtained over 20 prizes including Science and Technology Progress Awardsat national, ministerial and provincial level. The college also has had over 650 national patents authorized and 1000 academic papers published in national and international academic journals, including 700-odd papers collected by SCI or EI.